The Whiskey Noobs Mission

For All Whiskey Lovers


Our Mission

Provide knowledge, insight, and entertainment with regards to whiskey production and consumption in a way that is enjoyable for all lovers, from newbies (Noobs) to long time whiskey veterans


Our Goals

From deep dives into solo tastings, to interviews with some of the biggest names in whiskey, the podcast is designed to bring you new, exciting content every week


Why Us?

It’s no secret, there are a ton of whiskey creators out there, many of which I am friends with because they make great stuff. I work to stand out from the herd by providing honest, authentic content that you can trust. You will never hear me say you SHOULDN’T buy a bottle, but I might tell you WHY I don’t think it is right for YOU.



“Great Podcast!”

“This podcast is a great resource for both the new and the experienced whiskey enthusiast. Great information presented in an understandable way. Well done!”

“Great For The Noobs To The Connoisseurs”

“Chris does a great job curtailing his weekly podcast to those just starting in whiskey, but balances it with enough detail on history, tasting, opinion, etc to appease the connoisseur. There is Something for everybody. Highly recommend.”

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